Why is it important to have a maintenance agreement?                                

Safety is the number one reason. Proper maintenance prolongs the lifespan of equipment and prevents breakdowns. Properly maintained equipment can save on higher energy and utility costs. Waters Heating & Cooling offers a 15% discount on repairs for routine maintenance customers.


How can I choose a reliable company?                                                

Recommendations and testimonials from satisfied customers are a good place to start. Waters Heating & Cooling has been serving the Central Bucks County area since 1989. Customers pay only for repairs that are needed.


 Why do I need to change filters regularly?                                                      

Filters are designed to clean the air that you are breathing and can help with allergy problems. Also, clean filters are good for equipment because they keep dirt out of fan motors, air-conditioner coils, and condensate lines (dirt is the main cause of clogged condensate lines).


 What should I look for when choosing a new heating or cooling system? 

You want to choose a dependable brand. We choose to use Bryant heating and air conditioning equipment. We also use New Yorker boilers and Bradford White water heaters. These companies have been shown to manufacture dependable equipment with very good warranties.


What do I do if I can’t afford a new air conditioning or heating system?       

We accept cash, credit cards, checks, and offer six-month same-as-cash financing for qualified buyers on new equipment where no payment and interest are due for six months. 


What about energy efficiency?  Will upgrading my heating and cooling systems reduce utility bills?                                                                                  

Yes! Oil burners are more efficient today than older models. Gas furnaces are in the 90% efficient range. Air conditioners and heat pumps can be twice as efficient as 15 years ago. You can save as much as 40% on your air conditioning costs. A measure of efficiency is the equipment SEER (seasonal energy efficient ratio) rating. In 1992 equipment had a minimum rating of 8 SEER. Today the minimum rating is 13 SEER.


How often should maintenance be done?                                                      

Systems should be serviced at least annually to prevent breakdowns. Heating systems need to be checked out in the fall and/or winter. Air conditioning systems should be checked out in the spring and/or summer. 


Is a programmable thermostat right for me?                                                          

If someone is going to be home most of the day, probably not. But you can really save on utility costs when you are not at home and sleeping. If your schedule is wake up at 6:00 am., off to work by 9:00 am., back home at 5:00 pm., in bed by 11:00 pm., a programmable thermostat makes a lot of sense,  And the new thermostats are much more user friendly than they used to be.


What should I do if my AC or heater is not working?                                        

First check the thermostat, switches, and circuit breakers. If the system is still not working after checking those things, turn the unit off and call Waters Heating & Cooling for repairs.


Are new heating systems more comfortable than older models?

Yes. First of all, electronic thermostats are a lot more accurate than the old mercury types. Air filters, electronic air cleaners, and ultraviolet systems can greatly reduce allergy symptoms. Humidifiers can help with dry skin in the winter and can make you feel more comfortable at a lower temperature setting. Properly sized equipment makes houses more evenly and consistently heated and reduces cycling (starting and stopping) of the heating system. Two-stage equipment is available with two different firing rates so that it can run at a lower setting most of the year.


Are new air conditioning and heat pump systems more environmentally friendly?                                                                                                                 

Yes. For instance, Bryant Equipment can use Puron refrigerant which has a zero ozone factor so it is an environmentally safe system. Freon-22, currently the most commonly used refrigerant, is gradually being phased out of existence due to concern over the earth's ozone layer. As supplies of Freon-22 dwindle and servicing costs rise as a result, using Puron helps preserve the ozone layer while protecting you from potentially expensive service costs in the future.